We are in the process of updating our shop website as we move over from Christmas stock to our all-year round stock. Have a browse below for inspiration for next year! And for booking enquiries, please call 01189841333. - Nino

Hampers & Gift Sets

Finally the time has come where we can announce news on our hampers. On this page, find our hamper protocol, inspiration and different ready made solutions.

The Customisable Option - 
Not all hampers are made equal. And rightly so. Each recipient will naturally have things they may like/dislike, and so the best option for you may be to create you own with the contents you like best. So how do you do this? 

  • Step 1 - select what you would like to go into the hamper from our wide range of products, and add those items to your basket. (We recommend the best balance is to have 1 Panettone, and then 4 - 7 additional items eg chocolates, oils or wine. Note: too few items and the hampers -whilst always gorgeous...- may look a little bare. Too many items, and you risk over cramming. The maximum would probably be about 10 items plus the panettone.) 
  • Step 2 - Add the Empty Hamper (£10) into your basket too, (don't forget this step, as this tells us that all other items in basket are those to be included in the hamper) 
  • Step 3 - Check out. Put through 1 online order per hamper. If you want to order other items for yourself/other gifts, please put them on a SEPARATE order. This way we will know exactly what you want in the hamper, and what is a personal shop. 

Il Classico Hamper - £40
The option for a more straightforward gift that anyone is sure to love. You'll find this option under Hampers & Gift sets. Just select the flavour of panettone and which wine you'd like. (This price includes the hamper itself, wine and Panettone) 

Il Natale Hamper - £70
A gorgeous collection of some of our best love Christmas goodies, such as Panettone, Italian Torrone, Gianduiotto chocolates, Amaretti Morbidi. Including also some of your favourite provisions such as Balsamic Vinegar, Prosecco and an Antipasto Jar

Il Nino Hamper - £100
A deluxe collection of some of our best love Christmas goodies, & also some of your favourite provisions. This is the ultimate mix of pre-selected items for a really special gift.

Hamper Options 
You can always call us up to ask any more specific questions, and put in the notes section if you'd like us to include a personalised note/message!  

Gift Sets
Our range of ready made gift sets can be found under the Christmas section. We have some exciting new gift sets coming in the next few weeks! 

Be sure to think now about what you have to organise before year end, (whether that be with us, or anywhere else) and if you'd like us to take the stress out of your gifting headache, then just get in touch.